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Margarine is the first herbaceous oil in Iran known by various brands among the people such as Khorous, Aftab & Aftab Talaei. This company was established in Jan. 1954 with a daily capacity of refining 8 tons herbaceous oil and now it can be the guest of the most of families and various industries of the country with a production capacity of 1000 tons per day.

This complex always tries to design and produce products having the better quality based on the needs of the customers. Now 38 various oil products are produced in this company in two parts of industry (B2B) and household consumptions (B2C). This oil is produced based on the regulations of Iranian Industrial Researches and Standard Institute and Drug & Food Deputy Office of Ministry of Health as well as international Standards such as CODEX from SGS Company in Swiss and for this reason the margarine products can be observed in market of the most countries of Middle East and even European countries.

The commission of Margarine complex is beyond the needs of the customers and the purpose explained briefly. The directors and engineers of Margarine company are always accompanying the customers and consumers of its products and make the best for achieving their satisfaction and trust.

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